The Café



The Café/shop is a pice of well preserved faroese history, still in use today.  On the ground floor we have a nice little kiosk with all the expected products - here we have to mention the delicious ice cream, that people tend to drive all the way to Fámjin to eat. In the summer we also offer newly baked wafles, which the guests absolutely love. In the summer it is usual, to se a lot of tourist sitting outside the house, on the nice stone terrace, enjoying an ice-cream or a wafle. The house also has a nice room on the attic - her groups of up to 20 people can be seated, if the weather isn't at its best. Toilet is also in the house.



                            West                                                    Front / terrace                                                East





                   The Café                                         The key to the Café                                           The Café





                      Roof terrace                                              The attic                                                   Roof Terrace




Gistingarhúsið Undir Heygnum


FO-800 Tvøroyri

Tel. +298 37 20 46 / +298 37 14 46

Payphone: +298 37 26 46

Fax: +298 37 24 46










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The Café

About 125 years old, the small café   is a historical landmark for the village.


Established in the late 1800's by the Mortensen family of Tvøroyri, the house was run as a local market for the villagers. Here, the villagers bought what they themselves couldn't grow or hunt. Here you had a chat and solved all the troubles in the world.


Today, the house is almost just as it was back then, and when visiting, you feel like you are in another century.


In the summertime, the house is a café and kiosk, with a large outdoor terrace on both ground- and 1. floor..






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