Ground floor



                                                       The ground floor has 3 bedrooms, one dining room and one bathroom. There are 2 sleeping sofas, who can be refitted

                                                       to double size, 2 double beds and one bunk bed for the children. Every room has table and chairs.



                                                                          Large bedroom                                     Bed room with a sofa                           Bedrom w. sofa & bunk bed



                                                  Bedroom w. sofa & bunk bed                      Stairs to the 1. floor                                 Large Bedroom




                                                                             Bathroom                                                    Kitchen                                               Dining room






Gistingarhúsið Undir Heygnum


FO-800 Tvøroyri

Tel. +298 37 20 46 / +298 37 14 46

Payphone: +298 37 26 46

Fax: +298 37 24 46












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1. Floor




In one of the most picturesque villages on the Faroe Islands, the traveller can find Guesthouse Fámjin. Fámjin is simply stunningly beautiful and if you are looking for peace and tranquility, Fámjin is the place to be!


Fámjin is one of the few villages on the island, on the west side. Steep, torn cliffs rise high out of the often roaring Atlantic Ocean and sounds of sheep, birds and the ocean itself, are the background noices of the village.


The village has few inhabitans, but it has a lot of sightseeing opportunities for the visitors. The very first Faroese flag, Merkið,  can be seen in the beautiful, old church. If you follow the small waterfall next to the church, you will find the "Church-lake". A small, but beautiful little lake, where you can enjoy the scenery or try to catch some of the trouts in the lake.


A little trip to the harbour, with the many boathouses, will lead you to the majestic, steef cliffs, who proudly welcome you. It is possible to drive the car almost to the bottom of the cliffs, and then walk the remaining 100-200 metres for the view.


Fámjin is a historic village and we warmly recommend a visit.







Guesthouse ...Worth a visit