1. Floor             


On the 1. floor there are two double bedrooms with a TV, writing tables and wardrobes. Especially one of the rooms(room 1), has got a stunning view of the beautiful inlet and the Guesthouses Jetty. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffe, while you watch the small fishing-cutters in their daily struggle to catch enough fish for a decent earning. The passenger ferry Smyril, the pride of the Island, also sails straight past the windows, bringing people to and from the Island. The largest room in the house, the living room,  can also be found on this floor. The living room is one large room, joint with the dining room and the kitchen. The visitor doesn't have to bring anything, since the kitchen is equipped with all the necessary items. If you want to sit alone for a while, or if you are part of a large group, there is also an ekstra dining room with a TV on this floor. There are two entrys and two bathrooms with a shower on the 1. floor.



                    Living room                                      Kitchen/Dining room                          Living room 2/dining room




                                   Room 1                                  Toilet/Bathroom                                    Room 2












Gistingarh˙si­ Undir Heygnum


FO-800 Tv°royri

Tel. +298 37 20 46 / +298 37 14 46

Payphone: +298 37 26 46

Fax: +298 37 24 46










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Ground floor


2. Floor




Beautifully situated in the old part of the city "Undir Heygnum"(Under the Hill) is our flagship. Built in the 1920's and renovated in 2002, the house today looks newly built - although the old building style is preserved.


Plank floors, the old and original stairways with hand-carved railings and an astonishing view of the beautiful inlet of Trongisvßgur, together create an unique atmosphere, bound to


The house has 3 floors. On every floor there is at least one bathroom with a shower or a bathtub and all the rooms come with a TV. The house has, as the only guesthouse on the island, its own jetty for smaller boats. A shed also belongs to the house, where the visitors are free to use the large freezers, tools, fishing rods, safety wests and suits and much more. The Guesthouse also owns an old fishing cutter. The cutter is newly renovated, and can be rented for fishing trips or sightseeing.


Round the house is a beautiful stone terrace. In the summertime, the guests tend to spend a lot of their time here. In the wintertime, when temperature plunges, we can just roll out the large canopy's and turn on the outdoor gas terrace heaters







Guesthouse ...worth a visit